about mac

Thanks for stopping in. I'm very thrilled to be sharing my portfolio, as I work towards my goal of being a successful graphic designer/web developer. I have always loved to bring other's ideas and visions to life, for me working with clients on creating something they'll love gives me the most satisfaction. I studied at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna BC, and obtained my diploma in graphic design, from there I'd like to continue my studies in front-end web development. I've always had a very colourful style, but as I gain experience working as a graphic designer I wish to fine-tune my art style. Each project I complete has been my best one yet, and I'm looking forward to what I can create in the future! 

self portrait 

This piece titled "energy body" was created to self reflect, and represent my personal feelings. This female figure showcases, the chakras in alignment with unique symbolism. An ancient Bodhi tree representing the meditation during the process of creating this piece is the core center, its roots holding the root chakra. There are many hitten aspects to be discovered in this 3D painting.

The Mac Project 

The Mac project 2.0 is introduction to my mind! Here tells a bit of back story of myself and the things in my life are all represented on my mind map! Shaped in a yin/yang my mind map has been made a few times! Sometimes as self reflective practive and other times as a way to tell my story! he's my story so far!