fine arts

I started my art-making at a young age. I've always been described as a messy artist, as I create paintings and crafts I've always left a trail behind. To showcase my earlier style these are my original works from the last decade. As I've picked up a new tool in the digital realm, my creative abilities are now limitless in this technology-powered world.

boy and girl
bear in light
space girl
Dandelion feild
dano and son
stag mural
bear biker
doleful lion
master piece in progress
mt paul kamloops
Sombrio beach
Stag first draft
stag man
the hermit


These logos are mainly practice assignments, with a few clients. All of the logos below also have full brand packages for company guidelines.



These advertising are practice assignments.



Print-ready posters for various events created photoshop and adobe illustrator.

google ads 

SEO google ad campaign for zero waste refillery.


motion graphics 

Editing graphics and effects to create short ads/video.


digital illustration 

made with photoshop and a wacom tablet, hand painted.